Welcome to McGaughey Enterprises.

1224 Third Avenue - Ford City, PA 16226
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(800) 978-7674

McGaughey Enterprises are comprised of three independent businesses:

1. McGaughey Video Services, Inc.

2. Ultra Plaques & Trophies

3. MVS Security

McGaughey Enterprises.com is simply a portal to these companies. Just simply click on the company you wish to learn more about, and you will be directed to it's website.

About Jeff

Jeff McGaughey is more than an entrepreneur. He is a visionary who has the ability to found companies built on the principle that the customer must be foremost in any project. He has guided the formation of these three businesses and continues to lead his team that produce success for his customers.

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1224 Third Avenue - Ford City, PA 16226

Telephone: (724) 763-2857

FAX: (724) 763-6188

Toll Free: (800) 978-7674


E-mail: jeff@mvssecurity.com